Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week 2 Sunday wrap-up

I’m changing my wrap-up day to Sunday for a couple of reasons. 1) My computer was in the repair shop from Wednesday until yesterday, which was Monday. So I was unable to update my blog. 2) At Fitness Ridge the weigh-ins will be on Sundays anyway, so why not just start now? And 3) if I’m being completely honest with myself, the biggest reason is that by Friday I was only down 0.4 pounds for the week. Ughhhh! But by Sunday it was 1.4 pounds, which is much more acceptable.

My eating for the week was pretty good. I tried out a few new recipes; some great, some need a little tweaking. And though my husband still wants, “a side of steak” with a couple of them, I think he’s adjusting. If he gets hungry at night he’ll have a bowl of cereal.

My exercise was also okay last week. I did my week 1 running program 2 of the 3 suggested days, 60 minutes on the elliptical 3 days and one day of weights. I feel like I need to step it up, but I’ll be at Fitness Ridge in less than a week and will have no choice but to “step it up”.

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