Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fitness Ridge Day 2

I was still dreaming when my alarm went off this morning, still in REM sleep. Not good! I fell asleep last night around 9:30 and thought I would be alright. I mean I never go to bed that early unless I’m sick or something. I was wrong. 8 hours of sleep is just not enough when we’re doing these crazy things to our bodies. All day today, if I had an extra 30 minutes or more between classes I would run up to my room and try to take a nap. I even skipped my last lecture tonight so I could get back to my room, update my blog and be in bed by 7 and asleep by 7:30.

I’m so glad that I started preparing (by working out) for this trip a few weeks ago because although I’m sore, I don’t feel like I’m on my death bed. However, everyone says that Wednesday is THE worst day for soreness. So I’ll blog about that tomorrow.

I got to meet a few people of note. Sara from Sara Is Off Her Rocker, and Dee Dee from Dee Dee's Weight Loss Journey are both on their 4th and last week here. I’ve been following their blogs religiously, well at least up until I got here. I’ve been too tired to keep up with blogs lately. During their first 3 weeks they shared a lot of helpful info on their blogs and it was nice to meet them in person. Also, I met The Biggest Loser Season 3 winner Eric Chopin and his brother Doug Chopin. They are both super nice guys and have agreed to pose for a picture with me sometime this week before they leave.

Eric Chopin

I found out about the purple mashed potatoes that we had for dinner last night. Yep, there are purple potatoes in this world. The chef showed them to us during a cooking demo today. Who’d a thunk it?

Today I did a different hike (not the stop sign), which was nice in a way because I got to see some of the pretty scenery around here (pictures below). But I’m going to go back to stop sign tomorrow because even though the hike today was 4 miles and we were gone for 25 more minute, I burned about 500 more calories on the stop sign hike then I did on today’s hike. I know this because I’m wearing a heart rate / calorie counting monitor.

Time for bed. :-)

Today’s schedule:
6:00AM: Open gym
7:00AM Breakfast (Oatmeal and fruit)
8:00AM Hike
11:15AM Yoga / Strech
12:45PM Lunch (Squash Soup [surprisingly good once I added salt and pepper] and Italian Herb Tomato Sandwich)
1:00PM Calorie Challenge (Did you know that a single poptart has 200 calories in it? Neither did I.)
1:30PM Lecture (Cooking demo)
2:30PM Cardio intervals (pick a cardio machine, start low, increase resistance or speed every 30 seconds, then decrease every 30 seconds and repeat the entire thing)
3:30PM Total toning (my toughest class today)
4:30PM Pool
5:45PM Dinner (Ostrich Stew [also surprisingly good once I added salt and pepper, tasted like beef stew] and Chocolate Dipped Strawberries for dessert)
6:15PM Lecture (Spending your calories wisely part 2 which I skipped and will take next week)

Some of the many petroglyphs that we saw on our hike this morning (From Merrian-Websters dictionary: a petroglyph is a carving or inscription on a rock). These are supposed to be between 800 and 1,200 years old.

Check out the gorgeous scenery. Can you find the dinosaur head?

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  1. LOL...I did know there are 200 calories in one pop tart, because my kids have them frequently, and well...I love them too...but stopped having them when I started counting calories. I suppose I could have one and some fruit, but what is the point if I can't have both! 4 months til I go to FR! I love reading your blog! I find tips from everyones that I read!! Enjoy and take care of yourself!!