Friday, January 29, 2010

Fitness Ridge Day 5

I decided to do the 101 hike again this morning because after pushing myself so hard in Treading yesterday, my knee started to feel a little sore. The 101 hike is for people who want to see some of the gorgeous scenery but are a little too slow for the intermediate and advanced hikes. I assumed that 101 would be easier on my knee than the stop sign hike… BOY was I wrong! Climbing over all those rocks, up and down mountains is definitely not the way to protect a sore knee. The knee is not too bad but I did spend some time icing it after lunch, and before all the afternoon classes. Below is a picture of one of the rocks that we climbed. It’s called The Stair Mistress (you know, like stair master). It’s like walking up (then down) 10 flights of rough, uneven and bumpy stairs. Also, below is a picture of me icing my knee and foot.

Oh, I found out something very interesting / funny about the chocolate mousse that I mentioned a couple of days ago. It’s not chocolate mousse at all. It’s a chocolate and TOFU pie. Can you believe it? TOFU! It tasted so muck like mousse, but the major ingredient in the recipe is tofu. Weird huh? Tonight we had something similar for dessert, which I took a picture of and posted it below.

Today’s schedule:
7:00AM Breakfast (Egg and sausage muffin)
8:00AM Hike (bad for my knee)
11:15AM Stretch class (good for my knee)
12:45PM Lunch (potato and broccoli soup and sloppy joe with turkey not beef)
1:15PM Lecture: preparing for next week
2:30PM Circuit
3:30PM Cardio Disco Jam (super fun. I’ll write about that tomorrow)
4:30PM Pool (really good for my knee)
5:45PM Dinner (salmon burger, pretty good even though I hate fish)

Stair Mistress

My poor left leg

Limon pie (Made with lots of tofu!)

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  1. wow DeeAnn - you should be very proud of all you've experienced and achieved this week!!!! love reading abt your adcventures!!!!