Monday, January 25, 2010

Fitness Ridge Day 1

Sorry for any typos. I'm tierd!

I survived my first day at Fitness Ridge! It was hard work, but also sort of fun in a way. Actually, I only thought it was fun during my last class which was water aerobics. The hike was a killer, 4.3 miles up 1,000 feet. I went very slowly, but I made it to the top!

The food is actually pretty good. I’ll include pictures of our dinner and dessert for today below.

One thing that people really have to be cautious about here is their feet. People tend to get blisters very easily, what with all the hiking and aerobic exercise going on all day. I have to mention how people recommend you taking care of a “hot spot” (an area where you start to feel friction that may turn into a blister), because it’s so weird. They say as soon as you start to feel a hot spot you should tape it up with… Duct Tape?!? Can you believe it? I thought it was weird, but tried it anyway after my hike because I felt a hot spot. I put the duct tape on the balls of my feet and went about the rest of the day without a problem. IT WORKED!

Well, I’m beat, and it all starts over again tomorrow. :-)

Today’s schedule:
6:00AM: Intro to Circuit (not a workout just a description of the class)
7:00AM Breakfast (fruit, egg and beacon on English muffin)
8:00AM Hike
11:15AM Mountain (choose treadmill, elliptical or bike, start low pace/resistance increase resistance every 3 minutes, 13 times)
12:45PM Lunch (chili and cornbread)
1:15PM Lecture (calorie budgeting)
2:30PM Circuit training
3:30PM Step-and-puke (I mean step-and-pump, which was the hardest class)
4:30PM Pool
5:45PM Dinner (Baked chicken over purple mashed potatoes [yes I said purple picture below as proof] and asparagus, grilled pineapple for dessert)
6:15PM Lecture (Spending your calories wisely)

Grilled chicken asperigas and purple mashed potatoes.

Grilled pinapple with some kind of rasberrie sause

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  1. That pineapple looks delicious!!! I was reading another blog and she had to go to the doctor for her blister on her toe and they said not to use duct tape, but moleskin!! Just FYI!!!