Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fitness Ridge day 9

I’m getting pretty homesick. I can’t believe I originally planned to stay here for 4 consecutive weeks. I would never have been able to do it. It’s to the point that I’m thinking about coming home on Saturday instead of Sunday. All the exercise is over for the week by noon on Saturday so I could stay for lunch, then pack and leave. I’m going to look into changing my flight tomorrow. If it works out, then I’ll be able to see the Super Bowl at home this Sunday. I missed the last 2 playoff games because I was traveling to Utah all that day.

I also changed my plans for the second 2 weeks. I was supposed to come back March 28th through April 11th, but both mine and Danny’s birthdays are during that first week. So I gave up that week. Now I’ll be back from April 4th through April 11th, then back one more time in October. I’m thinking that one week at a time will be best for me. And, by October I’ll be able to do some of the more advanced hikes.

Today I did the stop sign hike again. I think I’ll do the same one all week. I actually kind of like it. As for the rest of my classes, well my schedule was pretty much the same as last Tuesday, except I took 2 pool classes today because my knee was bothering me again.

The food was good. I had tomato soup today for lunch. I had never had tomato soup before. It was pretty good. And, they gave us enchiladas for dinner. Those were really good. The weird thing was that they served it in a bowl. I couldn’t figure out why they would do that, then it dawned on me, they put it in a bowl to cover up the small portion size. I could have eaten twice what I was served, but with all the water that I drank, I’m feeling full now. There are pictures of tonight’s dinner and dessert below.

Today’s schedule:
7:00AM Breakfast (fruit, yogurt and granola parfait)
8:00AM Hike
11:15AM Yoga stretch
12:45PM Lunch (tomato soup and turkey sandwich)
2:30PM Cardio intervals
3:30PM Pool
4:30PM Pool
5:45PM Dinner (Enchiladas and chocolate sorbet for dessert)

Yummy, but small portion of enchiladas

Yummy chocolate sorbet

This is Jim (in the center) with trainers John and Tiffany. Jim has been coming to Fitness Ridge for years and keeping a really good blog about it all. Reading his blog is what got me interested in coming here.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fitness Ridge Day 8

Yesterday all I wanted to do was be a hermit. I stayed in my room and read, watch The Matrix Marathon and iced my left knee. Even at dinner I just picked my food up and took it back to my room. For the life of me I could not figure out why I was being so anti-social. Then it dawned on me, I was really bummed about the fact that many of the friends that I made last week were now gone, Anndriette, Carla, Cassandra, Marilyn, Cynthia, Evelyn and Shelly just to name a few. I miss you guys. Between that, and the slow day allowing time to feel homesick, I was being crabby.

Today was better, no time to mope. Everyone does the timed stop sign hike on Monday and Saturday, and guess what? I beat my time from last Monday by 16 minutes!!! That’s huge! I think my body must have finally acclimated to the altitude here. I thought I was going faster, but not that much faster. Let’s see if I can keep it up.

It’s pretty cold here, in the mornings especially. There is snow all over the surrounding mountains. It looks so pretty so I took a picture and posted it below.

Today’s schedule:
7:00AM Breakfast (fruit, egg and beacon on English muffin)
8:00AM Hike
11:15AM Mountain
12:45PM Lunch (sunchoke soup [picture of sunchoke below] and 2 fish tacos)
2:30PM Circuit training
3:30PM Step-and-pump
4:30PM Pool
5:45PM Dinner (Baked chicken over wassabi mashed potatoes [which are green picture below as proof] and asparagus, pineapple sorbet for dessert)

Sunchoke, looks just like ginger.

This is what I ate for dinner tonight. It was pretty good.
Can you see the snow in the surrounding mountains? No wonder it’s so cold here!