Monday, February 1, 2010

Fitness Ridge Day 8

Yesterday all I wanted to do was be a hermit. I stayed in my room and read, watch The Matrix Marathon and iced my left knee. Even at dinner I just picked my food up and took it back to my room. For the life of me I could not figure out why I was being so anti-social. Then it dawned on me, I was really bummed about the fact that many of the friends that I made last week were now gone, Anndriette, Carla, Cassandra, Marilyn, Cynthia, Evelyn and Shelly just to name a few. I miss you guys. Between that, and the slow day allowing time to feel homesick, I was being crabby.

Today was better, no time to mope. Everyone does the timed stop sign hike on Monday and Saturday, and guess what? I beat my time from last Monday by 16 minutes!!! That’s huge! I think my body must have finally acclimated to the altitude here. I thought I was going faster, but not that much faster. Let’s see if I can keep it up.

It’s pretty cold here, in the mornings especially. There is snow all over the surrounding mountains. It looks so pretty so I took a picture and posted it below.

Today’s schedule:
7:00AM Breakfast (fruit, egg and beacon on English muffin)
8:00AM Hike
11:15AM Mountain
12:45PM Lunch (sunchoke soup [picture of sunchoke below] and 2 fish tacos)
2:30PM Circuit training
3:30PM Step-and-pump
4:30PM Pool
5:45PM Dinner (Baked chicken over wassabi mashed potatoes [which are green picture below as proof] and asparagus, pineapple sorbet for dessert)

Sunchoke, looks just like ginger.

This is what I ate for dinner tonight. It was pretty good.
Can you see the snow in the surrounding mountains? No wonder it’s so cold here!

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